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defends handling of Jeffrey Epstein case

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“Out of all nights for Ronnie to pull shenanigans, he got ‘jumped’ the night before Mike’s court date,” Vinny Online Cigarettes Store USA said. “If you look at Ronnie’s history, it just doesn’t seem right to me. It’s like, somehow this was caused by Jen. I don’t know how.”

There, Ronnie filled the girls in on what had happened to him — and it was clear no one was buying it.

“Why would you go out to a bar the night before Mike’s sentencing, especially with diamond necklaces?” Nicole Newport Pleasure said. “Who are you, Ja Rule? Stay home!”

Outside of Ronnie’s earshot, Nicole pointed out the scratches on his face with raised eyebrows.

“Who gets scratched by a guy?” Pauly wondered. “That doesn’t happen. You get scratched by a girl.”

“I’m not trying to put any words in anybody’s mouth, but who knows?” Deena said. “Maybe Newport 100s Box Ron and Jen got into a fight. He says he got jumped. Who knows?”

“He says they hit him in the back of the head and he has a black eye,” Pauly added. “The story is fishy, but who really knows? He says that he didn’t see anybody. It just doesn’t add up.”

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