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Easter Surprise:Up to 80% off runescape gold website on RSorder is just for you Apr.22

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Easter Surprise:Up to 80% off runescape gold website on RSorder is just for you Apr.22

the best of their abilities before release, we know its not their fault. Certainly not Timbo He been around for quite a rs gold long time and he proven to be a dedicated person working passionately at what he assigned to do. Problem is with operations and release management not being streamlined or coordinated enough I guess.

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Don waste time trying to get higher tiers of the same armor. Regular, uncommon, rare, very rare, and legendary). Don waste time remaking armor over and over trying to get the best of each piece. The bonuses are negligible compared to the time you save just upgrading to a new armor set.

USE YOUR QUEST LOG AND DATA SHEETS! The data sheets are extremely useful and give you so much good info, like which monsters drop certain items, the different buffs your pets give, rare materials from different resources, etc. It is so much quicker to take a quick look through the data tables than to waste time trying to look up guides on finding items.

Then you need to give them incentives to start talking to NPCs. I suggest keeping track of what information you want them to get out of a certain town or encounter, but be flexible in how you allow them to get the information. It's no good pinning the location of the dungeon on the bartender if your players only go to the stables and the castle. So allow the stable boy to feed them the dungeon's location if that's where they go.

Also, consider giving your game a large story arc, like "Kill Big Bad Guy." Then each gaming session can cover a smaller arc, like "Find Big Bad Guy's Lair" or "Find Sword to Kill Big Bad Guy" etc. Sword is in the palace and guarded by hundreds of soldiers; kicking in the front door won't work, so the players better figure a way to sneak in or charm the prince or work out a trade).

There is no long term future without the multiplayer team game experience which helped the game to grow in its initial 8 10 years, and still the most popular type of content in any popular online game, without clan vs clan competitive content, without a strong pvp aspect, without a modern game engine, without meaningful hiscores free of pay2win whales, without having a qualified game designer that knows the game in its entirety with a proper vision of growth instead of making stupid faces on stream while being clueless.

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